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Icons of the Great Animations of Ghibli

~`+Studio Ghibli Icons+`~
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Welcome fellow Studio Ghibli Fans!
This is an icon community for the movies of Studio Ghibli. If you make icons or want icons then you have come to the right place.

Raison d'etre:
I could not find any definite sources for Studio Ghibli lj icons. I found a couple places where people just randomly posted icons every couple of months or so, but I felt that someplace more substantial needed to be created. Therefore, I created Studio_Ghibli (and was quite shocked to find the name not taken).

1. No hate. Keep your feuds outside this community. This community is a place for Studio Ghibli fans to share their love, not to attack and devour each other in dire hatred and doom.
2. Give credit to the icon creators, and perferably, tell them if you are using their icons.
3. nO iNsAnE tYpInG lIkE tHiS!
4. No spamming. No posting of topics that include promotions for one's journal, promotions for communities that have nothing to do with Studio Ghibli, complaining about the horrors of one's life, or other things that have nothing to do with Studio Ghibli.
5. Please warn if unappropiate material is behing a link that you are posting.
6. Please use common sense as to what is appropiate and what is not. I do not want to ban anyone, but if I must, then I will.
Note: If I bad you, please do not take it personally. I am merely doing it for liability reasons since, after all, we want to inspire a love of Ghibli in people of all ages including children.
[If I have left something out of the rules that should be there then PLEASE tell me.]

Future: I hope in the future to expand this to something more than icons, but at the present I believe that this community should start small. ^_^ Also, I am eventually going to open a website, and if I do, then I will definitely devote space to keeping an achieve of icons for all the creators who want their icons easily accessable.